Book of Ni Si Shinsero Jen

If you want to live the way you have never lived, start doing what you have never done

The main formula for self-development, which can be reduced to «Eastern wisdom» — is the Book of Ni Si.

This is what Jen Sinsero, author of the cult bestseller, is calling for. Released in 28 countries and sold with a total circulation of 1,000,000 copies. Her book is a real stun gun. It consists of 25 of the most effective self-development techniques. Each of which, being tested by Jen Cinsero on her own experience, gave a result. Add more salty author’s humor, reckless audacity, captivating self-irony and you have the most powerful book on life transformation in existence.

Book of Ni SiIf anything can make you reach your maximum potential. This is she — the incredible, vibrant, breakthrough book of Ni Si Jen Shinsero.

Also published under the titles «Kill Big Dormouse. How to silence your» inner bastard «and direct your life according to the best of scenarios» and «Be cocky! How to stop doubting your own greatness and make life grandiose.»

Also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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