Eddie the Eagle (Eng)

Movie Eddie the Eagle (Eng). First of all, before you is a story full of life and determination, a story that inspires and clings to the soul.

Eddie the Eagle (Eng)

“It is important not to give up under any circumstances. And remember that only by trying your best you can achieve something. Even if the result comes out deplorable. ”

If you lack perseverance, patience and self-confidence, look at Eddie. As a result, it motivates you so that you also want to quickly tear your ass off the couch and go to realize your dreams.

First of all, this film is based on real events. It is about the unlucky skier Eddie Edwards, nicknamed the «Eagle». Which, despite all the restrictions and obstacles, really wanted to speak at the Olympics. And as a result, he did it

Eddie the Eagle

Also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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