Hardness of character. Angela Duckworth

Which of the first graders will graduate from school with a gold medal? And which of the young violinists will become an outstanding musician? Which of the hired sales managers will enter into multi-million dollar transactions? About this in the book «Hardness of character»

Angela Duckworth believes that she can almost completely answer these questions. She claims: human success has little to do with talent and innate abilities. First of all, real achievements are determined by completely different qualities. And it’s hard not to believe. All her childhood she heard from her father: “No, you are definitely not a genius,” but at the age of 35 she received the Mark Arthur Award, which is equivalent in the whole world to the official recognition of the genius of the person to whom she is awarded. This book is able to answer questions:

  • What quality defines outstanding achievement?
  • How developed is this quality in you or your child?
  • How to develop it to the maximum?
  • And how to find your calling?
  • What is better for a child’s life success — warm support or strict discipline?
Hardness of character

Read the book «Hardness of character», also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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