How to find yourself

If you are interested in this question, this is already something.  Indeed, many people agree to wasted living a standard school-work-pension life plan, but you’re not like everyone else?  You have already realized that this path is not suitable for you and you want to live a better life. How to find yourself?  How to find your place in life?

What does it mean to «find yourself — to be yourself»

Is the state in which you are ready to be 24/7. When you have found the work of your whole life. And are ready to surrender to it completely

To imagine that “version of yourself,” ask yourself the following questions:

  • What I like?  What makes me feel passion and attraction?
  •  Where is my place in society?  How can I help people?  What innovation can I bring to this world?
  •  What business am I ready to do 24/7, spend all my free time and energy?
  • Where does the soul lie and direct the heart?
  •  Do I want to live in prosperity and prosperity or live a life with limitations, and later regret it?

If you answered the questions, you can be congratulated!  You are already familiar with what you want, a foundation has already been laid in the search for yourself and a place in this world.

 If not, do not be discouraged, everyone has their own approach to this, everyone needs a certain time for an answer.  In the meantime, these questions will become a guideline for you to understand what you should think about.  When you can answer them, you will be ready to begin your journey.

How to find yourself

What next? 

By the way, if you thought that after reading this post, at the click of a finger, you are aware of “who you are and what you exist for”. You are very mistaken!  If you are looking for easy ways, this is a bad sign.  Life is a complicated thing … And if you want to achieve something, you need to make a lot of effort. Which should lead to RESULT.

 It is when you got the proper result (let it be a scientific discovery, victory in the competition, reward, family happiness, prosperity is not important …). Then you realize that you have found yourself.  You are who you are.  And where you should be!

Thanls for reading. You can read this post in Russian language.

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