Individuality good or bad?

Individuality — each person determines for himself good or bad. There are many opinions, views and criteria.

To summarize opinions about these concepts. We will divide who is “for” and who is “against”.

Individuality is bad when:

First of all, peers, parents, teachers, and anyone else can think so! As a result, these people live with a miserable attitude in their heads. Moreover, they live according to the “gray mass” system, where everything is like everyone else. For them to go against the system is dangerous, unacceptable. In their opinion, it is better to live according to a typical pattern in which there is only a daily routine, and to establish boundaries and frameworks for yourself.

The opinion of such people can be expressed in the fact that they say: “You are behaving incorrectly / you look wrong / you have a wrong idea / you are setting priorities incorrectly!”. After listening to this, only questions arise: «What does this mean — wrong?» And also, Who created these «criteria of correctness»? And then what do these people consider right? The answer is simple. All this is due to the narrow thinking of the “gray masses”. They themselves have set standards for themselves in which any deviation from the norms (individuality) is considered incorrect.

Following these guidelines … is everyone’s choice. But if you have fresh views, you are individual, run! Do not listen to the opinions of such people. Know that you are better than them, because you are not like them. You were born to change this damn gray world!

It can also be if you do not get the proper support. You can be alone, therefore, you have the property of giving up, because I am sure that alone you are powerless against the masses. I know this is difficult, but you can always find «your own kind.» One has only to search.

You just have to choose whether you will listen to this opinion or choose a different path.

Individuality good or bad?

This is good when:

If you are surrounded by people who think so, that’s great. Because such an opinion carries support and a positive attitude, which greatly helps to reveal your personality.

When you have something special in you, it’s a wonderful feeling. It seems that you have certain abilities that separate you from the rest, open your wings! First of all, these are opportunities, new horizons! This is individuality.

In the modern world, much has already been created / openly, but everything needs to be updated. Many are interested in a person who can make something new. And also, personality is now in demand.

That is why to be not like everyone else is something to be proud of, what to value and preserve.

Lastly, I want to say. Do not listen to a negative opinion. It does not carry any benefit and value, but only underestimates your self-esteem. Listen to the positive opinion, it carries the good and indicates your characteristic features. Also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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