Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile (2003)
Category: Films
Genre: Drama, Romance
Director: Mike Newell

A film about the choice that every woman has to make. How to choose which is more expensive: family or career, self-development or home comfort. Is it always worth putting up with the role of a housewife, or is it sometimes worth looking for more in life?

Mona Lisa’s Smile is another example of a film that simply has to be boring. Otherwise it’s feminism, the struggle for equality.

the film «Mona Lisa Smile» was doomed to become boring, as it was filmed on a boring, boring topic. But there is not an ounce of boredom in it. Interesting, fun, perky and with a twinkle.

Mona Lisa Smile

The film perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the 50s — the scenery, the costumes — all this can be considered for a long time and drooling with emotion. There are also moments related to art — or not to consider the image of a pig carcass art? And can a wall with incomprehensible jagged be considered as a valuable art object? For the period described in the film, these questions were relevant. It is now contemporary art that transcends all boundaries. Also you can read this post in Russian language.

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