Movie Ice 2018

The movie «Ice» 2018
Category: Movies
Genre: Romance
Director: Oleg Trofim
Cast: Aglaia Tarasova, Alexander Petrov, Maria Aronova, Milosh Bikovich
Release Year: 2018

Movie Ice

«The film is not about figure skating, but about motivation and the path to the goal!»
The film teaches people not to give up, even if they do not succeed the first time. As was the case with the young skater, and even after the injury, she did not lose her strength of spirit and was able to stand up and go out into big sport.

The film also gives thought to family values. As parents lift us to their feet, they develop new abilities in us. Very inspiring and gives a lot of emotions after watching.

movie ice

As they say, the most important thing in life is desire. But besides him, you need to be able to achieve and apply a lot of work and effort to achieve what you want, as Nadya did. Also you can read this post in Russian language.

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