Never dream. Let’s do it!

“For dreams to become reality, thoughts must become actions!”
Do you often fly in the clouds … dream of a better life, success …? And you blindly hope that someday it will come true …? Never dream Let’s do it!

NOT. Will not! After all, you never raised your fifth point from the couch and did not begin to act!

So here … It’s a shame, but most often it happens. People have dreams, the concept of a better life … and it seems to have an idea … you can even see the goal, but for some reason many remain at the stage of dreams …

Someone is stopped by laziness, someone is afraid, and other circumstances or lack of opportunities, meanwhile, dreams remain dreams …

It is because of inaction that the dream seems to be something unattainable … something unreal. But how can you think so, if you have not even tried it?

Only after several attempts can you judge whether the goal is achievable, or whether this nut is too tough for you.
So only after attempts, trials, actions and striving for your goal, dreams can become a reality.
But for this to happen, you realized your dream, you need a certain approach.

A dream is something abstract. Most often, when expressing your dreams, such words are used as “maybe ../ someday … / some …. / someone …” — which is extremely vague. For harsh realities, clarity and clarity are needed.

You must determine the goal, desire, time frame.
As an example, dreams like this one — “someday I will definitely become a famous actress …” — so they will remain dreams, because there is one uncertainty.

never dream. let's do it!

After such dreams there should be a plan / series of questions:

  • What format of actress do I want to be?
  • What projects interest me?
  • Do I have acting skills?
  • What training should I go through to improve?
  • How long do I want to achieve my goal? What is needed for this?
  • What genre attracts me?
  • And what stage image will I have?

The list of details can be continued for a long time, but the main idea is that there should be clarity of thought. That is, a dream becomes reality with the help of detailing, refinement, and then further actions.
So never dream Let’s do it! » Follow your dreams!» Also you can read this post in Russian language.

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