Pirates of Silicon Valley

An exciting drama by Martin Burke, based on real events. The plot center of the film is the story of the conquest of the world by computer geniuses: Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Pirates of Silicon Valley.

The picture begins at the dawn of the eighties. No one is waiting for or foreseeing the subsequent technical revolution. In their old garages, two young inventors are fighting separately over their projects. Dreaming that one day the whole world will hear about them. Who would have thought that after a few years, when the projects will be duly completed, dreams and truth will become a reality. And two newcomers will turn into multi-billionaires.

Steve Jobs founded Apple, and Bill Gates — Microsoft. But at the dawn of his success, two geniuses had to meet both personally and at work. Despite promises to play the game according to the rules. One of them still managed to steal the idea from the other.

Pirates of Silicon Valley

Who got ideas from anyone? You will find the answer to this and many other questions if you decide to watch the Pirates of Silicon Valley. Also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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