Put your life in order

“There are always more people who want to restore order than those who want to keep it”
“Put things in order in your thoughts and you will see the world with different eyes”
“If everything is fine inside you, then everything will fall into place outside”. Put your life in order.

These quotes definitely make sense … Let’s try to figure this out.
What is order is purity, certainty, everything is in its place … clarity of mind, accuracy of actions.
You can often hear that in order to put things in order in your life, you need to start small
As a household example, to start doing homework, you need to prepare a workplace, remove the table from excess, prepare everything that you might need.
In the same way, in order to start doing something, you need preparation. Soil preparation …

The order in your thoughts / within you — what does it mean?

There must be clarity of mind. The accuracy and specificity of motives. Thoughts should not jump from place to place. You have to decide on the final thoughts / ideas / goals and assign them a certain place in your life. And they need a place so that they don’t go anywhere, don’t get lost, you don’t forget about them) Of course, you don’t need to let them lie on a dusty shelf … That’s why they will do wet cleaning regularly))
Also, do not forget to get rid of excess garbage. Have a spring cleaning. Clean your life from that which is not necessary, that you consider superfluous … from that which is no longer necessary. And then, believe me, the work will go!

Put life in order

What can also be objects for checking for cleanliness …

  • Revision of life values ​​(possible renewal or complete deliverance)
  • Getting rid of bad thoughts / negativity
  • Cleaning incoming information. Do not keep in mind what you do not need
  • Remove unnecessary people from life. People play a big role, so choose your environment carefully
  • Watch the expiration date. Things / actions / ideas have their own term. Watch this one. Do not put off until later. If time is up, better get rid of it.
  • Do not take too much. Do not complicate life. Live in the buzz. Live light.
  • Update. Get rid of the old.
  • Perfect it. Add something new. Engage in innovation.

Put your life in order. Also you can read this post in Russian language.

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