The path to financial freedom. Bodo Schaefer

Many people have a gap between dreams and a sense of reality. And they think that is absolutely normal. To put an end to this misconception, in 1997 I wrote a book, The Path to Financial Freedom.

I would like this book to affect the hearts of readers. And show them the path to the riches that our lives conceal, including money. I wanted to demonstrate in it that wealth is a right given to us from birth. A decent life in an environment of financial freedom is our natural destiny. In the new edition, I want to strengthen your faith in this opportunity. Since the publication of the first edition, two major events have occurred.

Firstly, we have witnessed the next exchange cycle. The stock price collapsed, and then sharply went up, then to collapse again. This is a completely normal course of things. And such events have happened more than once. However, during their course, many people lose money, because they are not familiar with the basic financial laws.

The path to financial freedom

To better prepare people for future exchange cycles, I rewrote the 10th and 11th chapters. Firstly, I showed in them how important it is to prepare in a timely manner for adverse years. It would be wrong to believe that only good times await us all the time. Secondly, I give there a list of basic principles that investors need to know. Thirdly, I confront you with the need to make important decisions that precede a successful investment. Of course, handling money and valuable. Read the book, The Path to Financial Freedom. Also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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