Theory of Everything / Steven Hawking Universe

Theory of Everything / Steven Hawking Universe
Category: Movies
Genre: Biography, Romance
Director: James Marsh
Cast: Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne
Release Year: 2014
About love and fortitude.

A young astrophysicist falls in love with a girl studying art. Somewhere there, his future sparkles in the form of a dissertation and the alluring title of a talented scientist. However, it turns out that natural awkwardness is not at all what it seems: a couple of years ahead for everything and inevitable death. But love comes to the rescue.

This is not the story of Hawking himself, as the name and trailer might seem, but actually about his wife and about their life. On this you can finish the review. All the good, loving and willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of another. Although moments of weakness also happen.

Theory of Everything / Steven Hawking Universe

The film “Theory of Everything / Steven Hawking Universe” was shot by director James Marsh, and the plot is based on the memoirs of Jane Wilde. First wife of an astrophysicist, and, of course, gravitates more to romance than science.

The «Stephen Hawking Universe» managed to get beyond tearful medical diagnoses. And show that of all the mysteries of the Universe, the most interesting is man. Also you can read this post in Russian language.

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