Why are we afraid to be ourselves?

Why are we afraid to be ourselves? I ask myself this question very often. Perhaps because we are afraid that we will not be accepted into this or that company or simply will not be understood.

So why are we afraid to be ourselves?

Perhaps we are afraid someone will not like it. But what’s wrong with that? Why do we always need someone to like. Each person is special and change only because someone didn’t like you. It’s stupid.

To change in terms of tolerance or to be more patient and less quick-tempered is cool. But completely changing yourself and trying to become what you are NOT is very stupid. Each person is special. And each of us has our own light. Please, please, DO NOT let anyone extinguish it, much less put it out yourself

You know, I also once tried to change, because I was afraid that they would not accept me the way I am. I tried to become what I am not and did not want to be. I was afraid to be myself and show myself real. And was not self-confident and therefore tried to change. It seems to me that we are afraid to be ourselves only because we are not confident in ourselves. We do not know what we are capable of, therefore, depreciate ourselves …

Why are we afraid to be ourselves?

You need to learn to understand and realize that life is too short for words like: “What will they think of me” or “What will happen if they do not like me”.

About a year I thought to create this account for me or not. Because I was afraid that they would think about me, well, or that they would just make fun of me somehow, but now, to be honest, it doesn’t matter to me what they think about me, I do what I like. Also, you can read this post in Russian language, text from akula___life

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