Willpower doesn’t work. Benjamin Hardy

First of all, stop thinking that willpower is the key to the door to a happy life! The more you tighten the nuts, forcing yourself to play sports, diet or cram foreign words, the more devastating the breakdown will be. And do not assume that you are the only one so undisciplined. Everyone breaks down, everyone surrenders, everyone feels guilty! Willpower Benjamin Hardy

Annotation to the book Willpower Benjamin Hardy

Benjamin Hardy, a doctor of organizational psychology, a successful blogger and father of three adopted children, proposes to replace unreliable willpower with a powerful “exoskeleton”. First of all, to force the environment — your friends, social networks, stressful circumstances, food and daily routine — to push you towards your goal.

Moreover, the Hardy system is an ideal weapon against:

  • self-sabotage
  • self-flagellation
  • chronic stress
  • loneliness on the road to success
  • fear of failure and failure

Also, you can read this post in Russian language.

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